IE6 footer problem

Hi all
We can’t work out why this page comes apart in IE6, the footer moves up to the top of the page. How can we sort it out so it stays where it should be at the bottom of the page? Thank you

Hi, when i click on the link the footer is at the bottombut to help out when a footer fails to stick to the bottom its usually something to do with clearing the floted columns with this bit of code in the footer clear:both. There are css experts on this forum that will give you a better more accurate answer, I’d wait for one of them to get to reply :slight_smile:


The footer looks to be on the bottom for me also.

You do have a couple of weird things going on though. The header seems to contain the whole page apart from the footer! The topinfo1 has a height of 104 px yet ot contains the left and right columns which are many times that size. You probably should remove the height and contain the floats instead.

The page is 930px wide but it looks like the left and right columns added together are larger than that so the column will drop in some browsers (ie6).

Thanks Zygoma and Paul