IE6 background image sticks

I have a small background image (arrow/triangle) on that indicates active tab on this page

When you click through the tabs, the ones already clicked keep the arrow image although they shouldn’t, why?

Where is I couldn’t find it.

Hi, I don’t see this happening on my IE6…however this is probably JS.

You add hte class of “active” via JS and the JS is responsible for taking away the class. If each tab clicked gets the image (but not taken away) that means the JS is adding hte class but not taking it away (for IE6 only)

I’d use a different hover script, possibly base your JS off of suckerfish? :slight_smile:

@ralph.m scroll down a bit on the page you’ll see a bar with links Background, Mission, Foundation areas of interest… Those are the tabs, and that it where the li gets .active.

Thanx for your help RyanReese, it’s good to hear it doesn’t come up at your end, but I’m not sure why it happens for me. Thanx again for pointing me to the right direction.

Hmm, I do see that in IE6.

That AlphaImageLoader is going a bit psycho, adding lots of little square divs each with the arrow image in it. I’m not sure how to deal with that.

If only MS has spent more time getting the CSS right, instead of wasting its time on this proprietary rubbish!

If possible, I would get rid of that Image Loader thing, and maybe replace the png with a simple gif image and start from scratch with IE6. Sorry to be so vague.

Off Topic:

Ralph is your IE6 native? Or off IEtester? Mines IEtester and it still isn’t showing it (just checked again)

Yes, native. Are you looking at the big tabs half way down? Click Mission and see what happens to the Background tab. Interesting if IETester doesn’t show the effect. :frowning:

Thank you, it’s clear now that the alpha fix caused all this. I turned it off and I’m now using a nontransparent png.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all…

Yes I was clicking those big tabs.

IEtester and native IE6 aren’t quite the same (though for the most part it is).

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: