IE11 Flexbox Growing

Look at the 5 boxes below the slider.

Been playing with this for a bit but I’m unable to see a fix for this. I originally had this as floats, but it was float dropping when the width/margins would take effect. Made it into flex to counteract the drop, but I’m unable to get the smooth transition. Check Chrome to see it working as expected, then check IE11.
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Can anyone see a fix for this?

Fun fact, IE11 must have units on flex values, not just “0”. So…the more you know…

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Which makes absolutely 0 sense to have to have flex:0px 0px 20% or something to that effect. That makes 0 sense considering what the 0px and 0px reference in terms of flexbox…Jesus Christ IE…

I looked, but Chrome seems to be leaping about like a salmon on a line, where as IE11 seemed to be behaving quite nicely.

Edge is as bad as Chrome, but in a slightly different way.

So is Firefox

I was probably still messing with it trying to understand why flex-grow:0px was a bugfix for IE11.

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