IE10, IE9 not accecpting my external style sheet

Hi Friends,

I have problem in IE10, IE9 my website css External Stylesheet not working but internal styles working fine,

could you please share your this issues solutions.


Please post the code of your link to the external style sheet.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="menu.css" />

And you’re sure your stylesheet is called menu.css and it is present in the same folder as the html file?
Does it work in other browsers? (FF, Opera, Chrome)

As guido says, the way you have set that up means that the CSS file will need to be in the same folder as the page it’s linked to. That code you posted needs to be in the head of the document. And make sure that the file name is all in lower case, to match the code above.

yes css file same folder and otherwise my page working other browser. (ff, chorme, Opera).

code like this…

but i need css external link… can you please check it.

Does the jsFiddle example not work for you in IE9/10? It works fine for me. :-/

If it’s working for IE9/IE10 as styleblock in the head, then the styles must be OK.
If the external stylesheet is working in FF etc., then the reference (filename and directory) must be good.

  • Are there other stylesheets called in the head (in a Conditional Comment, so IE-only), that can overrule the menu-stylesheet?
  • Are you [I]real /I testing with a real IE9/IE10? (not a Preview in an editor)

I was struggling with some thing similar in which file was started with <!DOCTYPE html> tag
Solution in my case was to end the the external link, which was understood by firefox but not by ie9 or chrome.
So, link became for me as
<link href=“static/css/skin-custom/custom.css” rel=“stylesheet”
type=“text/css” />

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