IE site displays wrong document mode (IE7) with <!DOCTYPE> set

Hi everyone. Site displays fine with Chrome,
having problems with IE9-11

I also am struggling identifying what’s wrong with the 5 errors when I validate the page:

The validator error is because in your <head> section you have an <img> tag. That’s invalid. Remove that. The errors are self explanatory.

<noscript><img height="1" width="1" alt="" style="display:none" src=";ev=PixelInitialized" /></noscript>

Before I look in IE9-11 could you please explain what the issues are? Get it validated then I’ll look.

You are lacking Microsoft’s “compatibility mode switch” which might explain the Internet Explorer behavior. Take a look at this article - hopefully adding the meta tag or, better, adding to the HTTP header will fix the problem:


Cordially, David

hi Ryan
Line 504, Column 18: Unclosed element nav.
<nav class="blog">
Error Line 574, Column 6: Stray end tag nav.
Error Line 697, Column 6: Stray end tag div.

why are these end tags not being picked up?

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before and after the code.

Without looking at the code I’m going to guess it’s a situation like this


Tags must be closed in the reverse order that they were opened.


Chrome is more forgiving of these sorts of errors than IE, but IE doesn’t have anything wrong with it.

ohhh I see, thanks.

The IE error was due to compatibility mode on for some work reasons.

Only one problem now with Firefox.
For some reason it picks up a media query for screens width of less than 1900px while chrome guesses correctly for screens 1900+

case closed :smiley:

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