IE quirk? Working in FF and Chrome


For some reason, this page doesn’t wanna work in IE:

Cool CSS Expanding Menu Example Page

Can anyone suggest what may be wrong? It perfect in FF and Chrome - so maybe an IE quirk?



You don’t have a doctype so all versions of IE behave more like IE5 than anything built this century. IE5 (and 6) don’t understand hover on anything but anchors.

Add a full doctype and IE7 and upwards should work ok without js etc.

Argh, now I feel stupid :wink: Thanks - that fixed it

Still wish IE 6 had an “update” to support this kinda stuff (I doubt many people still use IE, but its still a smaller percentage of users on my own sites, so we have to try and cater, where possible ;))

Thanks again


Remove the first conditional comment also as it is hitting ie8 and above which don;t need it.

Remove this:

<!--[if IE]>     <style type="text/css" media="screen">      #menu ul li {float: left; width: 100%;}     </style> <![endif]-->

The behaviour file you have attached will provide IE6 support but still relies on JS being switched on though.

Thanks, will do :cool:

It does. It’s called IE9. :wink:

LMAO - I just wish my visitors understood that :wink: all this “backward compatability” stuff does my head in!