IE Not showing 32-bit Jpeg?

Hi Guys,

Just noticed one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in past several years: a jpeg file that opens fine in all browsers and Windows 7 built-in picture viewer, but fails to open in any version of IE.

This is something I couldn’t even imagine!

Attached the image. We’ve got a couple more of these (uploaded by site users).

The only difference I see between this one and ‘normal’ images is that when I view file properties > details - it shows Bit depth: 32.
Tried the same for other “broken” jpegs and it shows 32 bit on all of them.

Can anyone shed some light / links on this issue?

Thanks, Robert. I appreciate your input.

I guess you’re right, the application that’s producing such images is definitely the weak spot.

Thanks, Robert

Doesn’t seem to be an issue of color modes though… These images were uploaded by regular site users, i.e. user-generated content.

Well, that is odd because when I converted that CYMK image into RGB it worked fine, which is what you would expect anyway concerning RGB and browsers.
Maybe it is something weird like JPEG 2000. I’ve never heard of JPEG 32 before for web usage and perhaps the application that is producing it is using a ‘proprietary’ library and hence the faults. But like I said, it worked for me when it set it to the correct RGB mode.

Possibly because it is using CYMK or one of the modern non-standard JPEG formats that have been released recently. Though I suspect CYMK, change it to RGB colour mode.