IE horizontal scroll bars in frames. Argh-h-h-h

Can anyone tell me what the hack is for eliminating the horizontal scroll bars in IE. I am using frames. Writing a nine chapter Ebook. Used a generic file to create ALL chapters. Same coding in all. Yet two chapters do not have the scroll bars and seven DO have the horizontal scroll bars. The closest I have gotten is using the overflow-y:hidden code. That got rid of it - and also the vertical scroll bar - which I want. I tried using the overflow-x:visible and auto code. No difference.

IE - Argh-h-h-h-h. I have to fix cause they have 97% market share. Everything works great in Firefox (without the hack).

I am just a novice and know just enough about CSS to find out what I don’t know.

Thanks for any help,


For that amount of content I would highly recommend using a PDF actually, that’s what the format was intended for, compiling a content heavy resource for distribution or the ability to read beyond the context of the web. As for using frames, I’m with Ralph that these days there’s no excuses to use them, they cause a lot of damage for the end user in terms of accessibility, usability, search engine optimisation and god knows what else. :slight_smile:

PS: Internet Explorer does not have 97% market share… not even close, it has 53.26% (if you go by generally accepted statistics). Firefox and Chrome have done a lot to rip the ground from under IE’s feet. Though you should be aware that number will differ depending on the website and it’s audience.

As Ralph said, we’d need a link

Most of the time you just need to double check your math because it’s something like that probably :slight_smile:

If no link is available, then we need full HTML/CSS to reproduce this at our end.

Why do you think IE has a 97% market share? That was…YEARSSSSS ago :wink:

Not really clear what you are asking. Are you viewing PDFs in a browser, or web pages? It would be easier to debug if we had a link.

Frames are totally out of date, by the way, so there might be a better approach anyway.