IE cuts top of page

On my site ( the top of the page is cut off. I have looked for a solution, but, alas, my skills at finding it must be amiss.

The site displays appropriately in FireFox, Opera and Chrome.

Any help would be appreciated

My guess is the problem is this:

#rightcol {
    float: right;
   [COLOR="#FF0000"][B] margin-top: -30px;[/B][/COLOR]
    width: 180px;

Why do you have a negative top margin on the right column?

Ah… trying to align the two outer column tops I think.

Changed it and makes it move but results are not what I want/need so need to keep looking at it.

Thanks for pointing this out - usually something silly on my part!

You have a comment above the doctype which is causing quirks mode in IE. Remove that and see it it helps :).