IE 7 javascript error, page won't load

Can anyone please help get my site working.

I’ve tried googling and still can’t find a solution.

The page simply won’t load in IE 7 - I get an operation aborted error.

Any help very much appreciated.

Are you sure?
Works great in my (emulated) version of IE7
I don’t get any errors at all (I had to allow unsafe content first, though).

Hi pullo,

Happy new year!

I’ve just deleted a javascript carousel off there, that might be why.

Do you know how I can disable the unsafe content messagebox? or do you know whats causing it?

Thanks again

Hi there,

Indeed. Happy New Year!

I don’t think you can disable it, rather it is an in-browser setting.

(I know it’s IE 9, but the same principle applies).
FWIW, I don’t see any error messages on my IE7.