Ie 7 doesnt render the overall header properly

Everything in the overall header of the site is shifted to the left and not centered in ie7. It works fine in all other browsers but not ie7. can anyone help fix this?
Can be found at

the overall header is where it says “welcome to the buzz…” and where the images of the discussion menu, top forums and main site are.


That page is an unhealthy mix of old and new all fighting against each other :slight_smile: When using a strict doctype you shouldn’t use deprecated elements like center and font tags but use css instead.

Anyway, it looks like the page can be fixed width this rule to over-rule some others.

#page-header table td{width:33%!important}

It could do with a clean up and validation though :wink:

thank you so much paul! worked perfectly!

no that didnt work

Just on a quick inspction, looks like these width settings are doing the damage:

<td [COLOR="Red"]width="650"[/COLOR] valign="top" align="left">

<td [COLOR="Red"]width="140"[/COLOR] valign="top" align="left">

What happens if you remove/change that?