IE 6 Issue: Javascript menu drop down loads behind a form dropdown

Hello All,

We have a javascript menu on a client’s site that works great in everything except IE 6. Since IE 6 still has roughly a 25% market share, we need to get it fixed. The problem is that on the side there are a few form field drop down selectors. Now when a menu item is highlighted, the drop down activates but it is loading behind the form selectors. Does anyone know a hack or way to fix this? Please see the attached.

Setting the z-index value of the dropdown via css to one that’s higher than the form selectors would do the trick.

Awesome. I will give it a shot. Thanks!

Unfortunately that will not work as IE6 gives selects a zIndex that is infinite. You can’t put anything in front of it.

If you put the select in an iframe (for IE6 only) that will allow it to work since the main page is in front of the iframe content. You can’t just put it in an iframe for all browsers though because Opera 8 has the same problem with iframes as IE6 has with selects.

The simplest fix is to just make sure they never overlap. Alternatively just hide the select when you want something in front.

I’m having the same problem. My menu uses CSS instead of JavaScript. The menu expands on hover. How does one hide the select elements when the browser is IE6? I tried setting the display to none.

li:hover select {display: none;}

IE6 only understands a:hover - no other hover options work. You need to use JavaScript to get around it.

any fixes for IE6, yet

No fixes for IE6. It is and will forever remain broken.
Microsoft themselves are trying to push people away from IE6 towards more recent ones.

And there’s a fix for IE7, it’s called IE 8 and man the mass migration can’t come soon enough!

Here’s hoping the big push from Google and the EU finally gets MS off their butts to shut support for that piece of junk down.

There is a fix for IE6 - it is called IE7. You don’t have any control over whether people install the fix or not though.

Unfortunately people using IE6 are a lot slower at upgrading to fix the problem that select lists display in front of everything else than Opera 8 users were to upgrade and fix the corresponding problem that browser had with iframes.