IE 6 and PNGs


Looking for advice…

How do people get around the png issue in IE6?

I am developing a site that would be a breeze if I could use png’s. However - it’s a high profile site that could be seen by folks that don;t understand HOW to update their browser - then comment to the board of the company that the site is broken.

Really sort of confused and downtrodden by the issue. People use png’s in site don’t they? I have avoided it to this point - but want to start trying to move FORWARD with technology.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

this link may help you


The only way IE6 can use transparent pngs is to use the proprietary alpha image loader filter. It is not however a substitute for the background property but a completely different method of applying the image and as such has no native background positioning or repeating properties.

It is also very awkward to use and cannot be used on positioned elements that hold links because they become unclickable.

The twinhelix js that vinpkl pointed to above automates the method and utilises the alpha image loader for you and with the latest version adds repeat and positioning capabilities to it also. It’s probably the best method to use if you have lots of images.

The issue with non clickable links still stands though and you need to first position your element and then add an inner non positioned element and apply the image to that inner element to avoid the non clickable links problem.