Icon state change with Scrolling function

hello friends,

If you check this site vocus.com/software you will find on scrolling down, the color of the icons ‘Social’, ‘Search’, ‘Email’, etc. etc. gets changed.
Actually when you scroll into a particular section, the corresponding section Icon gets highlighted.

Any idea how this is done? Is it by JScript/JQuery/CSS … ???
I want to implement this feature into my site.
The problem is its on one page.

Will appreciate any help.



Hi webleo. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

It’s done with JavaScript, so I’ve moved this thread to that forum. The page uses various libraries, but because all the scripts are bundled together, it’s not easy to see what code is controlling that feature. (I know it’s done with JS, though, because that functionality disappears with JS off. :slight_smile: )

Sorry Ralph for knowing the correct place to put that thread!

Yeah even I’m confused with so many code snippets there.
Any idea where i can get a similar code <snip/>


No probs. it’s easy enough to move threads.

Short of someone posting a link to something they know of, just google around for topics like “jQuery highlight section on scroll” etc.