I wish

Background and text opacity where separate properties. I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve had to make a 1x1 opaque png to tile into a background to make a glass effect. It is RARELY useful to make text opaque anyway.

What do you wish?

We have had several of these threads already…

You already have your wish answered in css3 with rgba :slight_smile:

There is also the trick from the [URL=“http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=610506”]CSS quiz that is occasionally useful also.

What do you wish?

Yes there are still always things to wish for though and as mentioned above there are a few of these treads around already but I suppose there’s no harm in another one.:slight_smile:

I would like:

  • float:bottom
  • The ability to “clear” absolute elements.
  • The means for setting a scope for z-index so that different groups of elements can exist in planes of their own (much like windowed and windowless objects in old IE) and also the ability to make elements independent of their parents z-indexes when needed.
  • Consistent percentages and no rounding errors
  • free lunch

Sitepoint bylaw #3867 - one CSS gripe/wish thread must be created each month. It’s right there in the user manual. This month it’s my turn :stuck_out_tongue:

IEs bugs fixed
IE to just die in general
Noone to spoil endings of TV shows/movies I watch
No more girl issues
Fastest cuber in the world (Hold WR)

List goes on and on.