I Want to Have Online Business That Offers Discount Coupon Codes

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I would like to start my internet marketing business. I didn’t know what threads to look for, I’m not even sure whether i’s affiliate or cost per action marketing.
I would like to have a website that offers “discount coupon codes” of digital marketing products or products of any niche. Wherein I can earn for every site visitors who uses the discount or promo codes that I shared on my website.
Any advise or tips where to find websites, programs or platforms that provide access to these type of online business are highly appreciated.

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Have you looked into using WordPress with the Woocommerce plugin? I believe Woocommerce has a feature where you can set up discount codes.

I think it’s best to start with an affiliate business and get a commission every time when someone uses your coupon codes. Maybe you can read that article to get into it.

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Hi Webmachine,

Thank for the answer, but honestly, I’m not really sure if that’s what I’m looking for right now. One thing I’m sure though, is that I can use this woocommerce plugin a ta later time. Thank you.


Hi MikeMiller,

Yeah, the websites enumerated in Online Coupon Businesses, I want to have those kind of online business. I wander how they’re able to have access of those deals.
I’m reading on process the link you provided. I’ll get back to you when I’m done reading it, juz in case I have follow up questions. Thanks much.


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