I want to discuss about blog marketing experience of bloggers


I am new blogger about technology… i want to discuss and have suggestions from bloggers about SEO and marketing of my blog… kindly share your experiences… thanks


Hi amjadlashari788 welcome to the forum

There are many topics here about SEO and marketing.
Please use Search to read and join in on one of those if you have remaining unanswered questions.

Because the subject of SEO and marketing is very broad, asking others to “discuss and suggest” may not be of much help.

Please post what you have tried already and how it has been going for you. Or ask about something more specific. This will help to get a discussion started.


Yes, It is helpful for clearing the doubts about SEO and Digital Marketing concept.



There’s really a lot of info about this. Can you specify what you want to know first?


Blogging and article posting helps a lot for ranking.
If your content marketing strategy is perfect as per google algorithm you will get rank.
Guest blogging is important task for SEO.


As the OP has never returned, and the discussion is somewhat vague and generalised, there seems little point in continuing it.

Thread closed.

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