I want to create the simplest WordPress plugin possible

The purpose of my plugin is to insert just one line of code into the head section of header.php, that’s it. There will be no admin, or settings, just activate and deactivate.

Any info I can find on the creation of a WordPress plugin exhausts advanced elements far past my need.

If anyone can point me in the direction of a bare bones tutorial that can walk me thought the simple insertion of something that would probably be too good to be true, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Thanks, Bryan

Well, yes… I personally manually work with WordPress all the time, it’s the cleanest way to go. But, that defeats the purpose of a plugin, which is to assist people that could never understand how to do that.

I did figure it out for anyone else that also wants to know, I’m going to create a blog post about it because I think it could be very helpful to people that are also just starting out with WordPress Plugins.

I’m not allowed to share that link with everyone, so I don’t know if you’re allowed to IM me for the code or what? I’m sure a mod will let me know ;).

Do you need to make a plugin or can you just add the line of code to the header file, pulling in any info you need with a database call?