I want send mail both sender and reciver,reciver recive the acknowledgment

I have developed a website with dynamic webpage for user to register a course. in that page if anyone applied for a course, The admin should get a mail like this person has applied for this course and the end user also wants to receive the acknowledgment mail from our end. This function is only working within outlook (WEBMAIL). But is not applying for other domains like Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail,Etc.We cant able to send or receive any mails from other domains.If anyone knows the solution please let me know. I have used Php for my web development.

If you are not sending the mail from your own domain, that is the domain of the site, you may well run into problems. Some servers will not send mail which claims to be from another domain, it could be spoofing. Likewise many email clients won’t accept spoofed emails, they go straight to the spam folder.

What you need here is Reply-to header, designed exactly for this purpose.
Set it for the email sent to the admin, and when he will press Reply button, the email will be sent to the client’s address.

Any email sending program has such a feature. Here is an example for PHPmailer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/10432807/285587


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