I think I am looking for geolocation/aggregation lists

I am looking for widgets/code that will list the nearest services to a specific postcode.
For example - I have a 350 places each on their own page on my website and I would like to use the postcodes to show a list of Hotels from Hotels.com or Booking.com or any other .com I’m not too fussy but they have to be listed nearest to furthest. I’m guessing a snippet to look for the postcode on the page and hey presto transport a beautiful image show/list on to that page nearest first.
It does not have to be restricted to hotels it can be tagged points of interest again nearest first.
The problem I have is I do not know the technical term for this or I would probably hunt it down but I have spent hours doing searches for this information.
An example website is https://en.leadingcourses.com/europe+united-kingdom+scotland+argyll-and-bute/loch-lomond-golf-club/ they have a section at the bottom that list slider form the points of interest nearest to the page you are viewing

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