I should find new markdown editor

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what are the best free web markdown editors out there? I am looking to create HTML, CSS, JS , files and the following features would be helpful:

  • Good Syntax highlighting
  • Auto complete functionality
  • Ability to create different documents like .css
  • Ability to preview files (execute them in browsers)

I need one to install on a laptop!

Now I think Boost Note is better.than others.
URL: https://boostnote.io
What do you think?

So are you looking for a HTML/CSS/JS editor or a MarkDown editor?

Better than what? Which other editors have you looked at?

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Hi there wasabimarumaru,

and a warm welcome to these forums. :winky:

Text editor discussions are very subjective.

In the end you will just select the one that
best suits your needs and temperament.


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… why would I pay monthly for a syntax hilighter? Why would I pay monthly for a cloud storage of my files that are going to be on a website and thus already stored on a server anyway.

Completely useless service, and I can’t ‘try’ their browser version without signing up and creating a cloud storage.

Inability to use local files absolutely kills any interest.

Far as I can tell, they only do Markdown, so they can’t make CSS or JS files, they can’t be previewed, and their syntax hilighting is equivilant to what this forum does (triple backtick to escape codeblock, with language name)

The thing you say is better than others doesnt even tick off your own feature list.

This post is probably just a spambot.


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