I really don't get why my caption breaks the inline style

hi all

I’m working on a site … and i’m trying to add captions to site but when i do the li doesn’t go inline but is back being a list… .

i’ve tried span’s and div’s and even a p tag but they all give me the same grief…

You might need to give a bit more detail - because I really don’t understand what you’re trying to do or where the problem is - can you post a link to a page where you are having the problem?


it’s the link i posted before and then click collection…

There’s a list in the left colomn that’s suppost to be inline.


If you are talking about those images in the left column then you have set the list to display:inline but you have set inner elements to display:block so they won’t in fact be contained by the inline element at all and will just behave as blocks.

Although you set the list to inline you applied width and height to it but width and height don’t apply to inline elements.

You would need to use display:inline-block or float the lists instead.

You also need to remove the default left margin and padding and bullet type form the ul or there wont be room for them to fit side by side.

.HLportfolioMain li.hlMain{


i didn’t know that…

it’s fixed now…