I need your help

i have website but
I have a visitor how my Display correctly
this my website [noparse]www.itmangroup.com[/noparse]
please who can help you

Hi otakon. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but your post is really unclear. Can you explain in more detail what the problem is?

My blog is in fact a type in which general topics, but does not have a visitor how to Attract the visitors
what is methods for attract visitors… please

Imagine that you’re at a party, how would you get people to talk to you. It’s the same with blogs, you have to make contact with people.

I really want to help out but not getting what your problem is? What kind of help you are looking for your website.Please make clear your point so people can help you.

The OP has indicated that the site is getting no visitors.

I think you should start from the basics like blog commenting, directory submission, and forums. Also try social networking sites. You should also be interactive with your site visitors so they would feel important and will go back to your site.

Visit other blogs and invite other bloggers on your website. You can also use social media as a tool to increase your traffic. If you really want people to come back again, you should post something unique and something original. People will follow you happily since they are reading something new to the internet.

You can make use of Social Network, promote your website out there with a good and clear details of your websites services and everything, attach the link of website. If you find it not effective, just hire an SEO to work for you.

  • Promote your blog post on social networking websites
  • Install social networking widgets on your blog
  • Publish quality wall post on your profile page
  • Promote your blog on niche related forums
  • Comment on niche related blogs
  • Try to make your blog interactive (encourage people to comment on your blog and allow guest posting)
  • You can integrate videos on your blog and promote those videos on different video distribution sites
  • Guest Blogging

*Guest blogging works best for me. I use a tool called Keyword Country to find popular, niche related blogs to guest post on. I am all for it!