I need WordPress Theme For Adsense Approval

Good day family,
I am new to this forum, so, If I am in the wrong space, forgive me. I have been blogging for the past 8 years, and getting Adsense Approval is never a problem for me, but, for the past few month, all my lucks has went down the drain.

All my attempts for like 5 different websites has been negative. So, one of my friend said it could be theme. So, what theme are you using for your adsense Approval? Can you help me, I am currently using GeneratePress on it. I’ve tried ColorMag too, but no approval as well.


Your site can be rejected for several reasons. All we can really say here is to check why you were rejected. Google often tells you why it was rejected. You can look at the video below which talks about many of the reasons and how to fix them.

You can also check the requirements at the following page…

Make sure you are generating unique content and not just parroting something else. I don’t think it is exclusively your theme but probably the quality of content or bad traffic. All explained in the video.

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Thank you sir, but, I have gone through all the policy, yet, nothing I am breaking or violating.

I have had to edit your post @babatee4realluv. Members cannot review your site for AdSense approval as this is not what the forums are for.


Just write good, helpful, and rich content, and aim to publish a minimum of 25 to 35 articles. Use a fast-loading theme like Generate-press. When your site starts getting a small amount of traffic, then apply for AdSense. An important thing to remember when applying for AdSense is to make sure your payment profile is verified.