I need to show pics in my wordpress website like the way facebook does

I’m looking for plugin which allows me to present my pics in Albums and allows visitors to comment on any pic they like. I like to present my pics as the way facebook does. The imprtant part is to allow my visitors to comment on the on any pic and interact with them in comments under that pic from that Album. It’s like Facebook.
I hope someone can help me to find what I’m looking for.
Thank u

Hi hippocrates1985. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

I’m sure lots of CMSes will enable you to do this. The only one I’ve done this sort of thing with is ExpressionEngine, but it costs some money, and I’m sure you could set this up with free CMSes like WordPress, MODx, Drupal etc. It’s just a matter of working out how.

Well as I said I’m using wordpress on my website but I could not find and plugin which allows me to let visitors comment on each pic I have on my gallery. I’m using nextgen gallery plugin and it works great for me and what I want except that there is no way to let my visitors comment on my pics :frowning:

There’s no need to use Nextgen Gallery since WP3, as it has decent gallery functionality build in.

When you click an image in the gallery it takes you to an ‘attachment’ page with that photo, and if you have comments enabled it will allow comments just like a blog page does.

You can then of course style this to appear in a fancybox / lightbox pop-over just like Facebook - but you need to jump into code level and have an understanding of customising Wordpress.

Thank you for ur reply my friend. well let me show you how Nextgen Gallery helped me. Here is an example


Albume ( Country ) >>> Albume ( Players even that I only have one player for each country but I’m planning for the future ) >>> Gallery with pics of the player.

As u can see how Nextgen Gallery helped me to organize things but I’m only missing comment on each pic. I just installed Nextgen Gallery Comments which allows visitors to comment on the gallery but I’m still looking to something to allow visitors to comment on each pic.

I hope the pic is clear now and I would love to learn more from you and the others.

Thank u so much for everything

Sounds like an opportunity to give back to the community and build a plugin of your own to do this. Not going to be easy though… hopefully you didn’t make any promises. It might actually be less work to migrate to software that supports this feature if it is an important part of the project. I guess that depends on how much you know about PHP and the WP from a programmatic stand-point. There really aren’t any systems that come to mind where this is built in. Though it would probably be much easier to support/build in something like Drupal 7 than Wordpress. This probably a good example of those WP limitations that people talk about. I mean it is really only meant to be a blogging platform. Anything beyond that you really need to hack the core and know quite a bit about programming. If you don’t and you can’t find an existing open source solution as a plugin than your pretty much sole. That is not to say doing something like this would not require work in other systems, it would but it would probably be easier to achieve in software other than WordPress which is really only meant for blogging.