I need to grant my client access to a folder buried deep on the server

I need to grant my client access to a folder buried deep on the server hosting their site…and just one particular folder. I don’t want them to mess with any other files on the server.

Essentially I need them to be able to download an image from that folder.

I’m trying not to overcomplicate things for my client. I’m afraid I might scare the client by suggesting they use an FTP manager like FileZilla. (It might not be intimidating to us but it might intimidate my client).

Does anyone have any suggestion as to how I could handle this?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

I think the simplest way would be to get an easy easy ftp program. I did this with a client once on a mac, I got her fetch, set it so it opened to that folder only on open and taught her to drag and drop. Also showed her how to link to it, by saying use this beginning of this link EVERYTIME(www.theirsite.com/img/.) then I showed her how to add the file name on the end to the name of the file she uploaded. This client was/is an extreme novice, if she could learn it your client can. If you think that last step is too much, leave it out.


do something like this - http://www.organichs.com/renee/webdesign/

if you add images they will show up on the link and she click and download them.

yes ftp with jail is a good way to handle that. or just simple add a new user with no shell and create permission/ownership

Consider creating a soft link from your htdocs folder to the folder you’d like to give them access to. This will make it web-accessible. Then just give them the URL of the file.

If the client is a novice, what exactly will the client be doing?
If it something like uploading documents for others to see, I think I’ve still got a solution for that somewhere on my PC.