I need to get the invisible button to go to a frame

Hello all,
I’m using AS2.

I have invisible buttons on a movie clip that is loading swfs onto a parent movie clip. I hope I am current in the terminology. Are a parent and root the same? Is saying root absolute and parent relative? I’m digressing.

So, this this._parent.gotoAndPlay(“contact form”); is going to the keyframe named “contact form” and it will stop there. What I want to happen, is, I want the other invisible button named aboutmeMC2 to go back to the keyframe named “skip” so my contact form will no longer show up and it will load the external swf.

I hope that’s clear.

on (release) {

	this._parent.gotoAndPlay("contact form");


Try this

on (release) {
    this._parent.gotoAndPlay("contact form");

This is assuming that aboutmeMC2 is on the root timeline

You know what? It’s NOT on the _root timeline.
It’s on the parent timeline. No matter what I do it won’t work!!
Let me try what you suggested. I’ll let you know.

Well if it is on the parent timeline just use what you have already for “contact_form”