I need some dummy data with lat/lng points

Working with maps I need to add some dummy data(several dozens rows ) with lat/lng points
and some data, both at see and earth with some seaports, shops, cities etc by these points.
Britain preferable.
Are there some demo data/database or convinient service to fill it?
I tried to use google maps and it seems not convinient.
I did not find how to get lat/lng points google maps…


Mokaroo is what you’re looking for

Lat & Lng are available in the field types

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Thanks! Very interesting service, but looks like not good for lat/lan values, as having random values say
showing shops where some good can be bought, it can show shop at see or say Antarktida…

I didn’t noticed that you wanted real location data, as you mentioned “dummy data”.

Getting the lat/lng coordinates woyth Google maps is fairly easy with the Google maps API.
You just have to send a cUrl request & parse the result.
Sample code here with geocoding API: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/start

So the question becomes: how to find data with seaports, shops, cities addresses

You can export them from this page:

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