I need some advice on how to edit an existing image that uses gradient lines

My current project is at:

You will see the following image in use as part of the background:

The problem is that this image was a different color at one time. I used the paint fill option in the Seashore paint program to change the color of this graphic to green. When I uploaded it to the website, I noticed that it had jagged edges from the previous color. So I started repairing the image using tiny gradients lines, which were each about 3 pixels wide, that went from green to a transparent color. It is indeed doing the job, but after two hours I realized there has to be a faster way. Can someone point me in the right direction? Or would it be easier to just have someone make a whole new image using this green color?

Thank you!

Maybe you’d be better off starting from scratch with a new image. This is a simple vector shape, so I’d suggest creating it in Illustrator, or InkScape if you don’t have Illustrator.

I had a couple of minutes spare and comped one up for you busboy.

Thank you so much spikeZ, that was very nice. My site looks polished now! May the Lord bless you for this simple act of kindness.

You are most welcome :slight_smile: