I need quick help with lightbox

First of all Im new here just came across this site. I need some help with the Lighbox image gallery script. I dont know much of HTML or CSS all I know is edit basic stuff like file paths etc dont really understand it. Now my problem is this I got this site


and the way the site is set up the gallery is that when you click one thumbnail images pop up and you click next. When you click second thumbnail same images pop up. The guy who made this linked all the thumbnails to the same images. What I want to do is link different images for each thumbnail. Meaning I click on the first thumbnail I get a gallery of 10 images, I click on second thumbnail I get a gallery of 10 different images. Now how do I do that in html? the index file is linked with the lighbox css and jsp so everything is good. all I need to know is how to make separate groups for each thumbnail

this is the code in the index file, if anyone can help me I’d greatly appreciate it. thanx in advance

<div id="works">
  <h2 id="title-works"><span>Works</span></h2>
  <div class="work">
    <a href="images/work/big_mystore.jpg" id="w-1" title="Store Suite Default Theme Design and CSS-XHTML Reproduction"><img src="images/work/thumb_mystore.jpg" alt="Store Suite" border="0" name="w-1"/></a> </div>
    <div class="work">
      <a href="images/work/big_benetton.jpg" id="w-2"  title="Benetton Turkey Intranet Design and CSS-XHTML output"><img src="images/work/thumb_benetton.jpg" alt="Benetton Intranet" border="0" name="w-2"/></a> </div>
    <div class="work">
      <a href="images/work/big_captare.jpg" id="w-3"  title="Captare Software - Design Showcase Flash Presentation"><img src="images/work/thumb_captare.jpg" alt="Captare Flash Presentation" border="0" name="w-3"/></a> </div>
          <div class="work">
      <a href="images/work/big_ilke.jpg" id="w-4"  title="Ilke Construction Corporate Website - CSS/XHTML and Content Management System (CMS) programming"><img src="images/work/thumb_ilke.jpg" alt="Ilke Construction" border="0" name="w-4"/></a> </div>
          <div class="work">
      <a href="images/work/big_mineks.jpg" id="w-5"  title="Mineks International - Corporate Website Design"><img src="images/work/thumb_mineks.jpg" alt="Mineks International" border="0" name="w-5"/></a> </div>
          <div class="work">
      <a href="images/work/big_linea.jpg" id="w-6" title="Fiat Linea Dealers Website Design"><img src="images/work/thumb_linea.jpg" alt="Fiat Linea" border="0" name="w-6"/></a> </div>
          <div class="work">
      <a href="images/work/big_axess.jpg" id="w-7" title="Axess Card Portal Design"><img src="images/work/thumb_axess.jpg" alt="Axess" border="0" name="w-7"/></a> </div>
          <div class="work">
      <a href="images/work/big_bmw.jpg" id="w-8" title="BMW Motorrad Turkey - Website Design"><img src="images/work/thumb_bmw.jpg" alt="BMW Motorrad" border="0" name="w-8"/></a> </div>
            <div class="work">
      <a href="images/work/big_vakifbank.jpg" id="w-9" title="Vakifbank ATM Map Screens"><img src="images/work/thumb_vakifbank.jpg" alt="Vakifbank ATM" border="0" name="w-9"/></a> </div>
                <div class="work">
      <a href="images/work/big_captare.jpg" id="w-10" title="PSD For Sale Website Design"><img src="images/work/thumb_p4s.jpg" alt="PSD 4 Sale" border="0" name="w-10"/></a> </div>

anybody? I can upload the html itself

Hi there,
I am a little confused. Your code is fine and when I check your page, it seems to work fine.
At least it works how I would expect it to (ie I click on a thumbnail and the full size image displays). All thumbnails seem to be linked to different images.

What do you mean when you say you want 10 different images to pop up?

the same images pop up just in different order. thumbnail 1 loads image 1-10 thumbnail 2 loads images 2-10, the same images load with each thumbnail. Im trying to create different galleries for each thumbnail but they load the same images. I want separate categories for each thumbnail. Meaning I click on thumbnail 1 I get 10 images, I click on thumbnail 2 I get 10 different images how do I do that

Look at this site http://www.kaaresmith.dk/portraet_gb.html you see how he has it set up so each thumbnail loads a separate gallery I want that how do I do it