I need lighter wordpress sharebar without plugin

I need lighter wordpress sharebar without plugin to replace my existing sharebar http://share-ask.com/ .

can you share me code

@bitsumitbe, is there a special reason why you do not want to use a plugin? I’m sure there are a number of sharebar plugins in the WordPress plugin repository that might fit your criteria.

Another option would be for you to Google this topic, if you want to find some non-plugin code to use instead.

A third option would be for you to try to code one yourself, and then ask here if you get stuck. Don’t forget to post the code you already have, when you ask for help.

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@WebMachine MY IPAGE host gives server error if i keep adding plugin ,so i avoid plugin

If you have a WordPress site it would be in your best interest to become very familiar with the ACP (Admin Control Panel) In this case the place you want to explore is the Plugin menu.

If one plugin does not work or is not to your liking, uninstall it and try another. But do not “avoid using” plugins. If you want to have a WordPress site with more than the Core offers, themes and plugins are the way to go. The alternative is to reach advanced PHP and WordPress knowledge so that you can put your own version of the plugin code into your own PHP files.


ty for your tips ,but i cant afford VPS server so i look for no Plugin option,Im still learning WP

so if u have any codes send me as i still have not found option

I don’t use WordPress, but I’ve noticed a lot of hosts offer specific WordPress hosting. This is presumably set up to allow a typical WordPress install, including plugins, so it might be worth looking into.

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Ty but all 3rd party burdens like bad coded plugin,etc adds load to all including specific WordPress hosting

Just make sure you don’t use bad coded plugins. There are enough good quality plugins out there that you don’t need to risk your site with the poor quality ones.


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