I need help with (Un)hover intent

Hi there. It would be great If I can get help from you guys here. Basically I want to achieve something called (Un)hover intent. It has been covered in one of the posts here in CSS-TRICKS https://css-tricks.com/dropdown-menus-with-more-forgiving-mouse-movement-paths/. Quite frankly I’m having difficulty to implement this feature in my website’s css. I’m building a website in wordpress but need this trick so I can make the menu drop down to stay opened for a certain time (e.g. 1 sec) even after the mouse cursor is moved off the drop down list. Here is another example shown on this site; http://jsfiddle.net/pgqM2/. The following is my wordpress site https://smeweb-solutions.com/. If you can tell me the exact css that should go in my website’s css that would be really great. Thanks guys.

Hi @Raja_Raza Welcome to the forums!

That issue has been a topic for over a decade iirc. Thanks for the CSS-Tricks link. One of the tricks found there is in a JsFiddle demo from a thread here: CSS menu desktop to mobile transation issues?

The css transition examnple you found isn’t suitable for a dropdown, I think.

I’ll check your site later when I find some time.

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