I need help with the external optimization of my website

Hey guys! I’m a newbie at SEO and need your advice. I sell game servers, and I’m done with the internal optimization of my website. So, what’s the next step for its external optimization?
Thank you for your answers in advance.

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Need to off-page SEO optimization

Off-page SEO optimization is a process that affects all the factors that are important for Google rankings in the long term. The results of off-page SEO optimization can be felt after a few months and even years. The process of off-page SEO optimization includes: • Creating high-quality original content; • Promoting your content on the most popular and relevant websites; • Building a network of influencers and getting them to promote your content.

And when you’re done eating that buzzword brochure…

What HAVE you done to promote yourself externally already, OP? How do you monitor and measure results?

HI there.
I think you should check look for some banklinks market as this is an easy way to rank higher on Google. This is what I actually do for my websites, and it really works.
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I strongly advise against that, as the buying or selling of links is specifically listed by Google as a practice which will result in penalties against your site.

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Brand Marketing besides ads as well as backlinks.

As the OP has never returned, there is little point in continuing to offer suggestions.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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