I need help with my horizontal accordion

Hi folks, I have been reading through the “jQuery Novice to Ninja” book and I want to modify the accordion to be horizontal.

I need to recreate the following effect: http://www.ascensionlatorre.com/the-team

When a team member is clicked it slides open, then when another is clicked the open one closes and the new one opens.
Currently I have it so they all open.

$("#team > aside").hide();
$("#team > aside:first").show();
$("#team > figure").bind('click', function() {
$(this).next().animate({'width': 'toggle'}, 'slow', 'linear');		

Also any one any idea’s how to get the scroll working? I have tried several carousels but the dynamic with of the content seems to ruin everything.

Thanks in advance.

Would you say an accordion is the right way to go on this?

Right guys, decided not to go the accordion route.

I am using the “Bouncy Content Panes” but horizontally.

However when the page loads the last pane starts open, how can I stop this?

My code (simplified):

$('#bio > aside').hide();

  	$('#bio > figure').click(function() {
	    	{'width':'toggle'}, 'slow', 'swing');

<div id="bio">
<figure><img src=""</figure>
<aside><p>bio goes here</p></aside>