I need help in implementing a similar feature from an app into my website

Im developing a website using a wordpress theme and mysql, all the rage with family and friends is the cureent monopoly go app, in the app you trade stickers with individuals, there is an app that was developed Sticker Go that allows users to select the stickers they have based off the monopoly go app and then users on the sticker go app get paired up with what others have that they need, I have my site setup as far as community and chat, the issue is the database and having users be able to select the things they have and get matched up with other users that have what they need, and being able to make proposals or trades with each other what and how is the best way to implement this

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What have you tried to implement so far? My thought would be to write out the various scenarios and from there develop a list of what you need to store, and that’s the basis of your database design.

If you already have a community and chat site, you already have the users handled, so all you need to do is add a table for the stickers available (the “product” table), a table for the stickers that each person has (the “stock” table), and presumably a transactions table to keep it all together. If I understand the premise correctly, all you need after that is some way for one user to see what stickers the other users have available, so maybe some way for each user to mark which of their own stickers they want to trade, and which they want to keep.

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That is unclear to me. If they have them then I do not understand why they must select them.

I do not understand the need to match them.

If I understand then perhaps you can think in terms of an auction. A member can try auctioning a sticker. Then those that need or want a sticker can search for auctions of the sticker. In eBay it is possible to search for completed auctions. That is a way to determine what something is worth.