I need affiliates to promote my services

How can I get affiliates to promote my services.
I have tried few options but none of them seem to work.
I offer virtual assistance to entrepreneurs and business of all sizes.
Please help me in this regard.

You could look into joining some of the bigger affiliate networks such as http://www.cj.com/

If I was in your position I would create a list of people who have built an email list of the people your services are useful for.

E.G You offer virtual assistance to entrepreneurs

You need to find people with an email list with entrepreneurs on there email list.

Websites or blogs which help businesses would be your first port of call, create a spreadsheet of them then go and comment on 5 posts of the website you want to send out your affilliate link add value in the comments and do not spam, share their posts on social media at this moment you are developing a positive relationship with the website or blog then send the editor or author an email saying you are dong a special offer for that websites readers because of all the help the website has given you.

That is what I would do tell us how it goes.

You could register your services with Clickbank. Then potential affiliates will stumble across your services in the marketplace section when they are searching for something to promote. The higher the incentive you offer your affiliates the more you will recruit and the harder they will work for you. Give them the largest slice of the pie that you can.

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