I need a kick ass javaScript spell checker

My developer buddy is having a hard time implementing the product from www.javascriptspellcheck.com, because of some bugs in their code, and we are not getting the support we need from the developer. So we are looking for another product. Can anyone recommend a solid spell checker that uses javascript, php and ajax? All we are trying to do is:

  1. Underline mis-spelled words in the textarea.
  2. Allow users to fix/learn the word.
  3. Prevent the user from submitting the form if there are unresolved mis-spelled words

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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I haven’t used one before but there’s a couple of really simple options you should consider:

the spellcheck html attribute will allow the majority of users to see mispelled words and to fix them, it’s only the third requirement of validation that’s difficult.

JavaScript doesn’t expose an API that I know of to detect misspelled words, so if this is a must have the only option is to have large dictionaries of words either on the client or server(with ajax) and run the text through it.

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PHP has spell check functionality so it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a spellcheck api that you send a bunch of text and get back an array of misspellings.


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