I made a site for this community. Need help improving it

Hi everyone,

I have been with this community since 2009 as a graphic designer getting projects from here.
And I have now developed a screenshot sharing site that allows designers to easily share screenshots and code with clients. I’d like to believe it could be useful for this community of designers and developers.

I’m hoping that you can review it, perhaps offer suggestions on how to improve it.

It is called Ovoli: http://ovo.li

I also need suggestions on how to get the word out for users to start using it. I’d love to hear your opinion.


Hi there. An interesting site! One thing I find rather odd - if I click on text or screenshots, why is point number 2 open Ovoli home page when I’m already there?

Hello gandalf456,

You are right, it is a little redundant. I will try to see how I can improve the instructions.
Does it work well for you?

I’ve not had much chance to try it yet MistaPrime. Having uploaded a screenshot I think it would be helpful to have some hints as to what I might do next…

Are you asking on a hint of what you should do next on the site?
If yes, you can try adding annotations on the image, or cropping the image.

You can even use the share option to embed images into sitepoint forums.
Simply copy this code:

And paste it into your sitepoint forum reply.

Partly that, but also hints as to what I can do with my screenshot. I know the icons are there but a few tips wouldn’t go amiss.

PS I have already used this to send a friend a screenshot!

I’m glad you find it useful already. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Apart from annotations and cropping you can draw on the screenshot, share it on social media and add title and description to it so that you can add detailed explanation of the screenshots to your clients.

That 's good . I shoul ajust some issue about seo , it make your we become on the top

Welcome to the forums, @abouzayoussef. What do you suggest needs to be changed about this site to improve the SEO?

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