I like marketing online, but i don't know where to start

I going to do what I love to do best which is marketing online and work on computers . I going to exactly just that! I going to create a community who like travel and explore. My site for now is called vietnam travel. but I do not know where to start. you can help me?

Below are the most common methods of online marketing:

  1. Integrate your website to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus. By using social media, you can directly communicate to your clients
  2. You can also do email blasting, but be careful, not to spam the email of your target clients.
  3. Forum marketing, there are many fora on the internet that allow advertising posts after you post quality replies/posts
  4. Create a travel blog so that you can give travel tips to your visitor and at the same time you can also market you business

There’s an existing thread that addresses the basics of marketing [online is just a channel] which you may want to review - http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?22374-Community-Hints-amp-Tips-Promotion-amp-Marketing

This is good ideas, you know the forums marketing?

You can search forum marketing on search engines, just use the keyword phrase “forum marketing list”

But if you want to get more tips regarding online marketing, you can also check the thread that Ted S gave.

Sitepoint is also one these marketing forums

First check your On-page factor like meta tags, heading tags, content and site loading time. Than starting do some quality back linking and create your account in social networking site share you links. You can take a good start by doing these things.

As the answers indicate, there’s a lot of information to explain the high level concept of marketing.

As you drill into specific areas, goals or campaigns you want to focus on feel free to open up a new thread but as this one doesn’t have much to explain specifically I’m closing the thread.