I just started learning HTML & CSS

Hello, I just started learning HTML & CSS so I can later learn PHP and maybe… create my own webpage :smiley:, big dreams huh?

Well… I played San Andreas MP since I was like 10 I think and around 12 I started scripting because I wanted my own server, noone helped me and I successfully learned to script using PAWNO alone, and now I am 17 and I can create a SA:MP script pretty easy.

But PAWN is not like HTML… and I really need few advices and maybe tutorials that I should read because I don’t want to waste alot of years learning on my own… PAWN was easy because I found what I needed in other Gamemodes created by others but here…

HTML is not difficult to learn; neither is basic CSS. (Learning what you can do with them is a lifetime of discovery.) Those two alone are enough to build a simple website - even if it’s just one for practice, rather than a “real” site.

There are lots of places you can learn (be sure to check out SitePoint Premium), but these are good tutorials for a beginner: http://www.htmldog.com/guides/

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@TechnoBear Hi! free piece of advice for you: get the book , build your own website the right way using HTML & CSS , 2nd/3rd ed( either will do) by IAN LLOYD.
Hp it helps!

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