I have to show the news in my website?

I am thinking to use the google news API but confused with the document that how to implement it.
If there am any other good news API then also I am ready to use it.

google news api doesn’t exist anymore - check out this website for help https://newsapi.org/sources

Documentation for everything is being same but I am not able to understand that. they are providing a link so added the linked in my HTML page but where the JSON data is going to be stored?

I got the solution we have to make an ajax call. if you don’t know this then you do it like this

$.getJSON(“https://newsapi.org/v1/articles?source=bbc-news&sortBy=top&apiKey=53f08a8a7ab3407cb54b07ca5490730a”, function (data) {
var response = data.articles;

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