I have no browser

Hi guys, A few days ago I found that I had a virus in my network. Actually 3. I’m running win7 32 and 64 bit. Thanks to some forum help
I got them removed, Whitesmoke was the hardest to remove. It’s hard to believe but the viruses came in through an anti virus file . I downloaded another malware service, removed XXX.thief.junk and bingo! My problem is that my 64 bit now has no browser. I’ve tried system restore, everything (almost), Since my browsers on the 32 bit are all working, I tried copying them to flash drive
and putting them on the 64 bit. None would work. Someone help, please.

Sounds like you have been deleting parts of your system rather than viruses.

All antivirus signature files will be identified as a virus if you run a different antivirus program since they contain lots of signatures that are how the viruses are identified.

Some malware identifies itself as anti-malware software so that when you run it it will install malware rather than helping protect you from it.

Whitesmoke is a grammar checker program not a virus.

To get a browser working on your 64bit system again use a browser on your 32 bit system to download the install file for a 64 bit version of the browser and transfer that to the 64 bit system to run it.

Well, I think it is advised to create a backup of your data, erase your harddisk and re-install the operating system to ensure that you have a stable computer.

You may also think about creating two user accounts on Windows… one for admin tasks and another limited one for your daily work (this would prevent most malware to install).

Surely everyone already does that - it is the most basic of security measures that can be applied to all computers and they ought to be set up that way by the store selling the computer:lol::lol:

You’d better said “Everyone SHOULD do so”… I know many people not using separate accounts because they feel it makes “things too complicated”. And it’s hard to convince them… till something bad happens. :slight_smile:

I am fully aware of that. I am not aware of anywhere selling computers that actually sets them up that way - hence the two LOL smilies on the end of the comment.

I’d actually expect that Windows systems will only be set up that way for most people when Microsoft implement it as part of the install process the way that many Linux versions do.

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