I have many visitors flowing from other countries how to stop it?

My website is of Singapore, but many visitor flows come from different part of countries. Is it Normal or how to stop it. because it consumes my bandwidth.

If the domain has the “sg” TLD, that should help some. And you could go to your Google webmaster settings to specify you’re interested in showing only for explicit Singapore search results.

Other than that, posting text content in a language only natives would understand could help, but as Singapore is multilingual I guess that may not be an option.

IMHO, the best approach would be to go to your host provider and ask them to set up a type of IP “firewall” to block out requests from non-regional IPs.

www = world wide web, any public web site can normally be accessed by anyone, in any country at any time.

If you wanted to block specific countries from accessing your site you can block IP addresses, it’s a good idea to forward people to a page explaining why you don’t want them accessing your site.

One thing to be aware of, if a Singapore national is abroad in a country that you block they won’t be able to see your site.


@bluedreamer thanks for your reply.

Your domain should be Singapore (sg) based which definitely helps to grab users from Singapore only.

Other way is that, in Google keyword planner search keywords for only for Singapore then target high searches keywords of Singapore in On page SEO as well as Off Page SEO.

These ways you can decrease other countries traffic and increase Singapore based traffic.

It is possible to stop traffic from different region. There are some different ways which are helpful to do it, it can done by robot.txt in search engine console, avast antivirus and different type tools can do this. More traffic can helpful for ranking up in search engine.

I know of no way that either robots.txt or anti-virus can be used to block site visitors from specific regions. If you have information to the contrary, please explain in more detail.

As @bluedreamer has already mentioned, you can block specific IP addresses, but that would be done in the .htaccess file, not robots.txt.

Search engines have no way of knowing how much traffic your site is attracting, beyond that which comes directly from them. (Google has stated that it does not use analytics data in search rankings.)

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