I have a problem with helping the non web designers

Web designers I got no problem. Like myself for instance lol. But people that come on here completely unwilling to help them selves or read a little yes. Shouldn’t those people be paying us??? But why would they if we do it for free? If someone comes on here not knowing he first thing about html and they want us to code it I say no. But if they are here to learn and are simply a newbie that’s cool we’ve all been there. But jeeze come on. It’s ok to make a buck for something your good at no?

No, this is a forum, not a place for providing services. Certainly some people come here basically asking for free work to be done, but there’s no compulsion on anyone obliging them. If you don’t want to do free work here, then just move on to threads that you are interested in. :slight_smile:

It’s ok to make a buck for something your good at no?

Sure, and there are plenty of sites out there where you can offer services for payment. Just not here.

Some people enjoy the challenge of helping people with there code, and that’s fine if they want to.

I too have no problem helping newbies (or anyone else) that are trying to learn.

Just as doing homework for someone won’t help them pass the exam, doing work for others won’t help them learn.

What really disturbs me is knowing that some that are being helped are getting paid for work they aren’t doing but are getting done here for free.

I guess “there’s a sucker born every minute” so you can’t really blame them. But as Ralph said, nobody is under any obligation to “give the code”. IMHO it’s much better to “point in the right direction”.

Exactly for helping. No doing it for them. And yes I’m aware I am under no obligation. I’m all for forums. If not for them I’d still be a newbie myself. However I used forums as a learning ground not a project manger. I mean on some fronts (liked JS for instance) I got slim room to talk. But at least I try. That’s all I’m saying.

In general, I think we do put a bit of pressure on members to push themselves and show some effort. Occasionally, a piece of work will basically be done for free, but normally because the helper(s) find it something interesting to try out. Win / win.

I agree. I was prompted to voice my opinion (just that) because I keep reading an unusually high amount of “Where is my h1” and etc. Those that buy templates and use us to edit it for them. Essentially cutting out the middleman - us. Just doesn’t sit well with me.

Yep, but it’s a big world out there. I got into web design firstly to create my own site, because it was too expensive to pay someone else. Web design lends itself to the do it yourself mentality, so let those who want a simple, free option take it. They wouldn’t be good clients anyway. If looking to make money in this area, seek out higher end clients who really need a professional product.

yep that’s how I got into it too. paid someone to make my site. then I wanted to edit it. I found dreamweaver to be so difficult as a drag and drop that I figured I might as well spend my time really learning how.

Wow, I think I’ve seen this happen too. I won’t name names but … yeah. It seems as though their tactic is to come online and “grease up” on the forum and carry on in an obsequious way and they find no shortage of people to pander to their “snow job”.