I have a problem with an adsense code in blogger Template

i have a problem with an adsense code in blogger Tempalte
I’m Put the code in the header, but it shows only a small part
look at the Picture:

can you help me please

Hi Iskado and welcome to the forum.

Can you give some more information about what you have tried to do? You say you have put the code “in the header”. Where exactly have you put it? Do you mean in the Blog Description field in the Configure Header window? If so, that won’t work.

Or do you mean you have placed the code in the <header> section of the template? That won’t work either.

If you are copying the code from the My Ads section of the AdSense control panel, you will need to paste it in your individual blog posts or pages. Or, you can paste it directly in the template, but only in the <body>, not the <header>. You should only edit the template in this way if you know what you are doing, as a mistake could ruin the blog.

A simpler option is to use the AdSense gadget. Go to the Layout page in Blogger, and click Add A Gadget. Then choose the AdSense gadget. You can place the gadget where you like in relation to the other layout elements, and you can adjust the size and colours to suit your tastes. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to work with AdSense code.


Yes brother, i’m using gadgets to add the code but but it shows only a small part, but if it’s diffuclt to corretct it i think that you can help me to change code with adsense code in this topic:http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?1182026-I-want-to-change-a-code-with-an-other(help)

if you need more informations to help me
i’m here please

As you are using the gadget, you don’t need to look at any code. Just do the following:

  1. Go to the Layout page in Blogger. Decide roughly where you wants your ads to appear (to the left or right of the blog posts, or above or below them). Click Add A Gadget in the corresponding position.

  2. In the resulting Add A Gadget window, choose AdSense.

  3. In the resulting Configure AdSense window, choose the format and colours, and click Save.

  4. In the Layout page, drag the new gadget to its final position.

That’s all you have to do. Note that the ads might not appear straight away. You might have to wait a few hours. But you definitely don’t need to edit any code or even open the template.


I’m making all things that you said now but the same problem…
i think that this modification is the best solution for put the code in header zone

Just wait a few hours. It takes time for new ads to become active. While you’re waiting, it’s possible that you’ll see an incomplete ad in your blog. Just try again a bit later.


I’m trying again but the same problem
look at my blog:

Hi iskados,
In the style in the <head> of the page there is:

/* Header-----------------------------------------------*/
width: 960px; margin: 0px auto 0px; [B]height: 100px; [/B]padding: 30px 0px 0px 0px; overflow: hidden;box-shadow:5px 5px 5px hsla(0, 0%, 45%, 0.53);}


/* Headright----------------------------------------------- */
#adssection { float: left; width: 468px; [B]height: 60px;[/B] margin-top: 10px; margin-left: 60px; }

If I remove these two heights, the ad’s can be seen:


You can get idea…

Alastair Henry

thanx bro :slight_smile:

It’s working! :slight_smile:
For the fine tuning:

  • The menu bar is very close to the ad-block; some space would make the menu more appetizing.
  • Also I see the lavalamp is not centered above the menu-items when you hover over the menu. The last item has even no lavalamp, then the lavalamp is still above the item before. The reason is that the left-position of the lavalamp has a fixed increasing amount (80px), but the list items have different width’s.

To manage it, for the menu distance you can give the #header-wrapper some padding-bottom. For the lavalamp: you can give each list item hover an adapted left-postition for the #lavalamp:

#header-wrapper {
    padding: 30px 0 10px 0;
#nav li:nth-of-type(1):hover ~ #lavalamp {
    left: 13px;
#nav li:nth-of-type(2):hover ~ #lavalamp {
    left: 83px;
#nav li:nth-of-type(3):hover ~ #lavalamp {
    left: 148px;
#nav li:nth-of-type(4):hover ~ #lavalamp {
    left: 228px;
#nav li:nth-of-type(5):hover ~ #lavalamp {
    left: 317px;
#nav li:nth-of-type(6):hover ~ #lavalamp {
    left: 417px;
#nav li:nth-of-type(7):hover ~ #lavalamp {
    left: 542px;
#nav li:nth-of-type(8):hover ~ #lavalamp {
    left: 688px;

thank you Francky