I have a business idea but im not sure where is a great place to start?

Ive been having an idea for a platform trouble me for quite some time. Ive decided that while time passes, i should attempt at the idea of proving a beta platform for my idea online. I hope to start it and get it moving in hopes of getting financial support from investors, etc. Ive been literally reading on my spare time and studying my php for backend server support since i luckily have sufficient background in frontend (to an extent)…

What are some good tips to start looking into when going through the initial steps of starting a business. I need to sit down and create a business plan to see which route to pursue.

Any tips on creating an online platform business? In terms of documentation to better organize myself, laws and regulation, signing up, etc.

Ps im located in Portland, Oregon USA. I cant discuss in detail what my idea is but i would love any useful information even if 75%of business startups fail. I want to be given the opportunity to fail and succeed!
Thank you

You should start with an alpha version and get a few people to check that for you before moving on to the more full featured beta. At the very least it will help you to determine priorities for adding all those features.

apologies, i actually meant alpha. I had totally forgotten that there was something before beta. Also is there any websites or location i should research in hopes of wondering if my idea has already been created an made?

Out of curiosity, if my idea has already been invented but no patented, does that mean i can create something similar with my specific feature implementations that could outshine the competitors? Obviously i’m not going to steal the others business, but the main concept obviously ill take.

When i mean main concept im referring to for example a clothing business (an example not truly my idea). Everyone has a clothing business, but can i also have one just have my own creative concept thats unique in its own way? How would all that work? Im trying to set it as sole proprietary before anything else.

AFAIK, in the US anyway, “ideas” can’t be copyrighted, only “implementations”.

For example, no one has ever developed a way to make Big Round Red Widgets.

Being the entrepreneur that I am, I put together a C app that does that.

Big Round Red Widgets takes off and I become wealthy.

Someone else puts together another C app using code taken largely from reverse engineering of my code.
I sue for infringement and damages.
There is a chance that I will prevail.

Another puts together a Perl app that does the same but uses only their original code.
I sue for infringement and damages.
They prevail.

Haha thank you so much for dumming it down for me! Its much more easier to understand that way! So as long as my code style and implementation are unique then creating a content (with few improvements and changes), wouldnt be much trouble on the legal aspects down the road. Is there any free resources that provide more detailed assistances with copyright, etc. Obviously any that you know off the top of your mind!

Wait so that means i can create a facebook as long as the code is different and doesnt resemble facebook 100% i can get away with it?

That covers you for copyright. It might not cover you if someone else has a patent (unless you can show that your work precedes the patent application in which case you might get an exemption because yours came before the patent).

Hey ! thanks great you have idea to do business, if you have solid Idea about any business it is great for you. you can start you business where you can find most effective place.

Place depends on your business type, which type business idea you have to start business.

Facebook is just a website where you can post stuff and allow others to see it. There is nothing particularly special about it just happens to be the biggest. If you copied it verbatim then you would get in trouble but there is nothing to stop you creating your own social networking site.

Of course if you started getting too big and threatening their dominance they might start legal fun and games to keep you down.

Apple vs samsung legal battles, for example, is never about the money it’s about stalling the other company for long enough that their product misses a launch date or is out after the others product.

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