I can't decide between NEWS or BLOG!

Hello. Long time member coming back after a hiatus… :smiley:
I am in the process of overhauling a game website that was 99% static html, and along the way I have tried to address content and structure issues (17 year old website, so much was out of date about it!)

I have a section to post site news like “Hey everyone we just added a new game” type of posts. I am stuck on deciding whether this section should be called “Blog” or “News” ??? I’ve googled and found some good articles on the differences, but still I am undecided.

“News” seems dry, and “Blog” seems to be the newer younger way to go. But then maybe not… Maybe a Blog should be a blog, with articles, opinion pieces etc and not just a list of what things were added to a website.


To my mind, “news” says what it is on the tin; “blog” could be anything.

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When I see “new” on a site, I think the content consists solely on company news. For example, new product release, press releases, events, etc. When I see “blog,” I think more informational and entertaining content relating to anything in that specific industry, not that specific company. For example, the site that I write content for has a blog. Our company manufactures office cubicles, however, my last blog post was titled, “The Best Office Gym Equipment Under $50.” Our content consists of a variety of topics from office interior design, to workplace fashion, vacation days, etc. instead of specific company “news.” It really depends on what you believe your audience will be most interested in reading about.

In my opinion, it is much easier to attract backlinks and new readers with a blog than company news. People read news when they already have an interest in your company. But, people are attracted to your company and acquire an interest after coming across a blog post on social media or after searching Google for an answer to a question that caught their attention or was helpful to them.

ditch them both and just put ‘Latest’ ??

Thank you for your point of view.

Ha! You might be on to something there. Why am I attached to either label? My homepage feed is headlined “SITE UPDATES”, so there you go… maybe I should use a category name of “updates”. :smiley:

“Updates” is dry and sounds techie, like you updated the web site code.

Maybe think of something catchy that is in line with your gaming genre. “Reload.” “Firing Line.” “Next Level.” You get the idea.

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If you are planning to accept visitors’ comments against your article, go for a blog. Also, as per my knowledge blog creates interest among people on learning something be it technical, travel related or even recipes.

blogs are much popular nowadays, so it’s better to get into this trending streaming in order to get a success.

The name “News” will be the best. A blog should reveal the secrets and uses of the product. The story of the updates you need to keep in the news. I think it will be a good choice.

NEWS & BLOG both are content. NEWS is a continuous process and its exactly match the contemporary or relevant issue, such as, when anyone publish an article on a fixed topic then announce public release that is called NEWS. on the other hand, BLOG or BlOGGING is a creative work. When a person writes a fixed issue for the definite website that come out from that persons brain or mind, its called BLOG.