I cannot add bootstrap scripts into my html in ATOM

Hey everyone!
Maybe anyone will be able to give me some advices. I don’t know why but I cannot add scripts from bootstrap into my code. I do everything as it’s written on bootstrap website but still scripts are set in grey colour as you can see on the image. If anyone had this problem or knows what is going on could you please share the idea how to deal with this, thanks!


What happens when you load your HTML in the browser?
Does it all work as expected?

Hi there bartczx,

we need to see your actual HTML
rather than a partial image of it. :wonky:



I’m not using Bootstrap, but your image looks like the starter template at

As common practice, they have placed the scripts last before the body’s end tag.

You have them in the html head. What if you place them last in the body?

It shouldn’t matter though, just my two cents. :slight_smile:

That’s the thing, it doesn’t. I’m trying to set navbar but there is no effect at all.

here’s code

I tried to put place them at the end of body but it does not help. Strange thing is that I used bootstrap before when I was doing other website and everything was fine with adding scripts, but this time I can’t.

That code is working on its own so its either a setting in your editor (which I know nothing about) or you are expecting something different to what you are seeing.

You didn’t post styles.css but without it the navbar is still there but its white on white so its invisible. If I add a background to it so I can see it and all looks ok. On small screen the hamburger appears and will toggle the menu so the js is working fine.

It must be a setting in your editor if you are not seeing the same as above.

Just save your file and run it in the browser rather than an editor to test.

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