I am New to the Apache Server can someone teach me the basics? (XAMPP V3.2.4)

I just installed Apache Server and am a little bit confused I know from my book how to start it and access the control panel. I need it to use PHP in my browser but the other buttons and stuff I do not understand can someone explain what they do?

Glad For the Help - Codeman.

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The current version of XAMPP is 8.0.3, so why are you using 3.2.4?

This should explain


I think v3.2.4 is the version of the Control Panel, not Xampp itself.

ok thanks but how can you access Xampp itself

I have never used Xampp, so donโ€™t really know. But I think PHP should be one of the modules, but I donโ€™t see it in the list you show.
Is it there somewhere, or does it need installing/enabling?

As far as I remember, PHP will be running anyway. I shouldnโ€™t worry about the other options.

what do you mean? by โ€œPHP running awayโ€

When you start XAMPP and set Apache running, you donโ€™t need to do anything else to start PHP.

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