I am looking to start an Ecommerce website. which is the best Ecommerce platform to my business?

as i am looking to start an men and women apparels and accessories stores. as a non tech guy which platform is suitable to manage and market well . while i am searching found few site below. can anyone guide me which one is good to me in terms of pricing, features etc.

  1. Shopify
  2. BigCommerce
  3. <snip>
  4. Volusion
  5. Squarespace

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If you can make your own site hosting, I would recomend http://www.opencart.com/ with rich features like:

Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Manufacturers
Multi Currency
Multi Language
Product Reviews
Product Ratings
Open Source
Free Documentation
Automatic Image Resize
20+ Payment Gateways
8+ Shipping Methods and
More other


Welcome to the forums, @dycodedesigns.

Rather than just a list of features (which after all, @ecommercefreak could find for himself with a quick visit to the site), it would be much more helpful if you could explain why you would recommend OpenCart over all those in the OP’s list. Do you think it’s easier for “a non tech guy” to use? Was there some other reason?

Personal advice is always more helpful that generic information which can be found with a Web search.

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All the platforms you mentioned are good enough to run a clothing store. I suggest looking at the features of each and comparing that what you actually want, both for when you start and later on, say in a years time.


All the providers on your list offer a free trial, so you can test and compare them for yourself, to see which you find easiest to use and most comfortable to work with.


You would need to provide a lot more information about your requirements for anyone to give you a meaningful answer as to which is the best one to choose as it very much depends on the rest of your requirements.

As TechnoBear says, the simplest option is for you to make use of the free trials to see for yourself which one best matches what you need.

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I’d add WooCommerce to your list. Reason - easy to manage for “a non tech guy”, based on WordPress, there are a lot of cool WooCommerce themes for apparels shop;)

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I’ve never used WordPress, but my understanding is that it’'s very important to keep both WordPress and any widgets used up-to-date, to avoid security problems. For that reason alone, I’d have thought a hosted solution (such as those in the OP) would be more suitable for a “non tech guy”.

We would suggest you to go with Shopify or Woocommerce both are good for a non technical person and there is great support available. Being an extension and website development company since past 6 years we have across various clients who are happy with both. Both have good features and you will enjoy using either.


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Magento is SEo friendly, but need lot of modifications - if you good knowledge of basis PHP, then you can create a masterpiece using magento and one more advantage of using magento is its good online forum support.
All the best

You seem to have missed the part where ecommercefreak explains he’s a “non tech guy”. Woiuld you still recommend Magento in those circumstances?

BigCommerce is one of the best E commerce CMS as well SEO friendly.

Why not Shopify -
In shopify you can not update. All the URLs contain Collection or Product or category…

yes why not… if non tech has enough money then he can hire other tech guys or otherwise one has to have basic knowledge to run ant eCommerce… basic PHP does not mean that he is Tech guy…

I guess it depends on how non-tech non-tech is.

I have a friend that doesn’t understand any terminology let alone concepts, “basic” or otherwise.

So for her, putting an ACP in front of her that not only has more common terms eg. header, footer, but also app specific terms eg. block, slug, is totally bewildering even if she were to never dig into the code.

She knows “image”, “title”, “link”, “text” and little more when it comes to a web page.

If the UI isn’t clear, she panics about doing anything. She doesn’t want to click around and experiment to see what’s there and what can be done, she’s afraid she’ll do something wrong by mistake that would cause a problem and so does nothing.

It’s different with us. We know we should not develop on a live site. We know we can drop databases, delete files and start from scratch or restore backups if we need to. But to her, web dev is a scary thing and she needs things to be easy and familiar for her to be comfortable using something.


This thread is now closed, as the OP has apparently managed to build his own system since posting this.